Customer Support

We offer technical support for your WordPress website – nevertheless, we are SEO experts. That being said, we have SEO teams dedicated to helping you implement technical tasks relating to your SEO. Some typical tasks might include:

  • Google Ads
  • Keywords building
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Google My Business & it listings
  • Website citation
  • Sitemap
  • Google, Bing & Yandex Console
  • Content Edit in relation to industrial keywords
  • Adding metadata
  • Updating title tags and page titles
  • Adding blog post content

SEO is a long term challenge. We always recommend working with our SEO team who can fully review your site and help you achieve your website goals. If you’re looking for an SEO agency to work with, we’ve got you covered, kindly Click Here

This is an absolute requirement for everybody we hire on our support team no matter where in the world they’re from! We only provide support in English for the time being so vetting English language skills during our hiring process is a huge focus.

That being said, small mistakes do happen. We’re all only human! But overall, everyone on our team has a strong grasp of the English language and with tools like Grammarly for additional support, all the 24/7 support we provide is professional, effective and has our flare of personality!

Yes! We fully manage WordPress websites, including everything in your WordPress ecosystem. If updates are causing conflict issues, we’ll reach out to plugin and theme companies directly to help fix the core issue so you don’t have to. If your hosting company’s server goes down for any reason, we’ll hop on live chat to help them assess and fix the issue so you don’t have to wait in a queue for 30 minutes.

At the end of the day, WP Jolly fully manages WordPress websites so you won’t every have to worry about a technical website issue again!

We work best when we’re your primary technical partner when it comes to WordPress. That way we can ensure all changes made to the site are done following our rigorous procedures. So we prefer to be the only team making technical changes to your website(s).

That being said, we know many websites have multiple users doing many different things in the backend. We enjoy working with many websites to make things even easier for everybody with dashboard access so feel free to schedule a call with our team to figure out how we can manage your websites and make it even easier for multiple users to all be working hard in the dashboard at once!

Malware is a serious issue for any website, and the great news is that anyone on our Business Plan (or higher plan, such as Custom Plan) get malware removal included in their plans.

Our team of experts will scan the site, clear out all malware and check the site for any vulnerable areas such as outdated themes and/or plugins with known vulnerabilities.

After malware has been cleaned up, our team will create a security setup to harden your website to protect against future attacks.

There are a few reasons for this:

  1. Sometimes plugin updates are released with bugs. Updating less frequently allows the plugin developer to get rid of these bugs before we add them to your WordPress site.
  2. Batching more updates together means an easier manual review. That in turn means a lower probability that something bad will happen or break your website.
  3. We’ll be doing all these updates on the weekend when most websites receive less traffic. That means a safer environment and minimal issues for your visitors.

We always make an exception for more major plugin updates, such as WooCommerce. When major updates come out for this, we’ll make the updates far more slowly to ensure that your website remains running smoothly without any hiccups.

You can login to your account on this website and use the live chat feature, or you can email us at  or use the contact us page and we’ll get right on it.

All hosts are different, some better than others. However we’re happy to recommend other hosts should you require something in between.

We’ll work with anybody regardless of their hosting provider. We understand that different websites have different needs and that people have realistic budgets that they have to meet.

If you’re looking for a no-headache hosting partner, We do recommend you take advantage of the free migration offered by our trusted WordPress hosting partners. We can’t always improve website speed for our customers who need it when they’re running on a very slow shared server, so in that case we might recommend an upgrade.

Our partners’ plans are a step up from shared servers that limit your resources and sacrifice both speed and security. We’ve got your back!

Yes, you can upgrade, or downgrade as you wish via the subscriptions section in your account area. If you’re not sure how to access this, contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Once you sign up for the care plan that makes the most sense for you, you’ll receive a welcome email with information on your plan and details about how to securely send us your login credentials. Once you send login information for your WordPress dashboard and hosting provider, we’ll have your plan fully implemented in 24-48 hours.

The speed enhancements can take up to a week since we have to optimize everything for your unique core files, theme and plugins and we want to be careful not to cause any downtime for your website. So we take our time and make sure this is done right instead of risking potentially compromising your website.

We get a lot of questions about our unlimited edits. But it’s true! Unlimited really means unlimited when it comes to the edits we provide. We don’t like to nickel and dime people, so we just ask them to pay for their monthly subscription and we provide the technical support. Easy.

Unlimited edits do include edits to content on any page, changing banners, headers or footers, changing plugin settings, CSS adjustments, blog content or context edits, adding a new landing page, formatting landing pages, changing images or text, adding coupon codes or updating shopping carts. Unlimited truly does mean unlimited too!  Unlimited edits do not include custom development (PHP, plugins, themes, etc), updating custom code, graphic design, PSD to WordPress, creation of content or building out a new website or subdomain.


EDIT EXAMPLE 1 Included: You want us to upload blog content that you created with attached images that have been sent and format for WordPress with instructions Not included: You want us to create a blog post, find images and upload to WordPress with no instruction for formatting


EDIT EXAMPLE 2 Included: You want us to add a new product to your WooCommerce store (for which you’ve provided all needed content). Not included: You want us to create a custom checkout process for your WooCommerce store.


EDIT EXAMPLE 3 Included: You want us to install and set up a plugin to use it’s built-in functionality. Not included: You want us to create new functionality that doesn’t exist in a plugin. (This would require custom development which may be available at an hourly development rate.)


EDIT EXAMPLE 4 Included: You want us to take the text that you emailed to us and use it to replace the current content on your About page. Not included: You want us to write content for or design your About page. We’d be happy to help you with custom development as well. That kind of project is fully covered by our hourly work or a retainer plan.

  • We offer 24/7 support. Because WP Jolly was built around a 100% remote work environment, we have staff working from here in Nigeria and across the country.
  • We let our customers speak for themselves. Our team’s highest priority has always been to make customers happy. You can search for us on Google or check out our reviews on Facebook. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

We get a lot of questions about response and resolution times here at WP Jolly! Here’s the most honest answer we can give you – it depends on the ticket. Here’s how it works:

1) When you email a support ticket in you will receive an automated response right away, if it is submitted correctly into our system.

2) Within 1-4 hours you will receive a response email from a Buff that we have opened the ticket, we are looking at the complexity of it and will let you know when it has been resolved.

3) Within 24-48 hours you will receive a resolution email with the changes made on that ticket.

If the ticket is complex and we need more time, we will let you know if it is outside of that 48 hour window. Communication is key here with response and resolution times, we’ve got your back!

Our team is distributed, meaning we work from around the globe! Our core team is local to the LAGOS while some of our employees work remotely. This gives us the ability to provide 24/7 service. If your website crashes at 3am on a Sunday morning, someone on our team will be notified within 1 minute, the issue will be addressed and your site will be back up immediately.

Yes, we do! We work with many clients running multisite installations. If your multisite installation has 5 domains or less we can fully manage the full multisite install on Custom Pro Plan

For multisites running more than 5 domains we can fully manage your installation under one of our Custom Pro Plans. We’ll gather all of the information we need to make sure you’re on the right plan so that our team can fully support all updates, security and speed optimizations for your multisite.

We will keep your website with it’s current hosting provider if you don’t want to make the move. We do offer our hand-picked WordPress hosting partners as the perfect option if you’re not happy with your current host and are looking for a hosting partner who will take the lead here. Let us know if you’d like to take advantage of the free migration they offer.

You know it! We’ve been 100% compliant since May 25, 2019. You can read more about the types of data we collect, how we collect it, and how we use your data here.

Once your plan has expired, all services, security and add-ons will be disconnected automatically. You can renew by picking a plan or contact us for assistance.

We do offer custom development as a supplement to our ongoing care plans. If you have a larger project that requires custom work and is outside the scope of our care plans, we’re happy to do it as an addition to our ongoing maintenance of your website.

Custom development is $50/hr. You’ll detail the project to our technical team and we’ll give you an accurate estimate for how much time it takes. We’ll start working only once you give us the green light to move forward.

Of course! We urge everybody to start with a monthly plan so you can get to know us and how we work. Handing over the keys to your website is a big deal so our highest priority is to build a strong relationship with you.

Once you’ve worked with us for a bit and know how awesome we are, you can take advantage of our discounted pricing and move over to a yearly plan anytime. Just email us or hop into livechat and we’ll make it happen. It’s that easy.

You can use almost any kind of credit or debit card: Visa, MasterCard, and also our bank Account below

We can set-up an email newsletter signup option on your website and integrate it with most email marketing solutions (eg. MailChimp, Aweber, Drip, etc).

Yes! Just get started with our Plans and we’ll have your site cleaned up within 24 hours.

Of course! We provide care plans specifically for the ongoing support of any eCommerce site built on WordPress. Websites with advanced functionality like this require our Perform Plan. Sites like this take more resources for us to manage, so making sure you’re on the right plan means we’ll be able to dedicate what’s needed to keep your website secure, fast and running smoothly.

Pricing & Support

We do offer custom development as a supplement to our ongoing care plans. If you have a larger project that requires custom work and is outside the scope of our care plans, we’re happy to do it as an addition to our ongoing maintenance of your website.

Custom development is $50/hr. You’ll detail the project to our technical team and we’ll give you an accurate estimate for how much time it takes. We’ll start working only once you give us the green light to move forward.

The best and fastest way to reach us is through our Contact page.