Who We Are

We are a team of experienced WordPress Developers and Designers with a passion to help people enjoy using WordPress without the stress of running the updates and required updates.

Professional and imperative approach towards WordPress.

WP Jolly is a unique WordPress Management Solution that is designed to give website owners a peace of mind; we want you to focus on your business while we help you manage your website 100% without the need of an overhead cost required when employing in-house personnel.

This is about you gaining the edge in your business through better website management with our dedicate and powerful technology, making it easy for you to do business with concentration knowing full well that your website is at the best.

Customer friendly platform - No Techy

We know that a pretty website isn’t enough anymore. If you want to run with the big dogs (even if you’re just a small business), you’ve gotta look and act like a big dog online. And we can help you do it.

We don’t believe in run-of-the mill and cookie-cutter solutions, we give you the very best maintenance service at an affordable rate, upgrade, re-subscribe and cancel anytime.

 At WP Jolly we offer an open system and we know not all coat will fit everyone, thus we provide a pricing module start gives you flexibility; get started today by selecting any of our Care Plan of your choice.